Al Forthan Scholarship 2019

The purpose of the scholarship is to honor Al Forthan, the first alumni from our treatment program who went on to become a counselor at the Men’s Residential Center, encourage students to explore how addiction has impacted our community, and to think of solutions to this complex problem.

Scholarship Name: Al Forthan Memorial Scholarship for Students from Homes Impacted by Addiction.

Amount:  One scholarship totaling $10,000 and many others in various amounts

Eligibility: Oregon high school seniors that have been raised by a parent or guardian who has experienced addiction or the student has abused alcohol and drugs and are now pursuing recovery.

Due Date: February 4th, 2019


UNIGO and Scholars App!

These two sites are worthy of signing up for!

About Unigo

With a thriving community of over 1.6 million members, Unigo is the premier network for current and future college students to get to where they’re going. Unigo provides cutting-edge tools, compelling content, and essential information, empowering students to make the best decisions about their college experience.

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About Scholars App

How We Started

Traven Watase created Scholar’s App after experiencing frustrations with scholarships from both a student and donor’s perspective. Traven had two main issues; one – completing paper applications individually was extremely time consuming, two –the difficulty of finding scholarships he qualified for because of his cumulative GPA. Despite having a 4.0 in both his Junior and Senior year of high school, his overall score was low from the years before.

Upon feeling the pain of being overlooked by some scholarships, Traven decided to create his own scholarship for someone in a similar situation right out of High School. He ate Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches to put aside money for what he would call, the PB&J scholarship. However, when Traven finally saved his goal of $500 to make a scholarship, he was rejected because the dollar amount was too small.


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PB&J Scholarship….for reals

About this scholarship

The Peanut Butter and Jelly Scholarship was started in Hawai’i with the goal to help students who may not have the highest GPA’s or test scores but have the drive to achieve their dreams. Traven Watase started the first PB&J Scholarship by eating PB&J sandwiches to save money to pay forward his own scholarship right after he graduated from Farrington High School, located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Since then, our funding has grown and we are now looking to give out scholarships to students studying in Oregon this year.

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College Board Opportunity Scholarships

The Scholarships

The more effort you put in, the more chances you get to earn a scholarship ranging from $500 to $2,000. If you complete all six steps, you’re eligible to earn a $40,000 scholarship. Scholarships are awarded—through monthly drawings—to students who complete each step.

1. Build Your College List: $500

Get started by exploring colleges you’re interested in.

2. Practice for the SAT: $1,000

Use Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy® to get ready for test day.

3. Improve Your Score: $2,000

Show how practice pays off by improving your SAT score.

4. Strengthen Your College List: $500

Make sure your college list has a mix of academic safety, fit, and reach schools.

5. Complete the FAFSA: $1,000

Fill out the free government form to apply for financial aid.

6. Apply to Colleges: $1,000

Apply to the schools you want to attend.

Complete Your Journey: $40,000

Complete all six scholarship steps to be eligible for a $40,000 scholarship.

Physicians for Social Responsibility Scholarship for 2019

In its eleventh consecutive year in 2019, the Greenfield Peace Writing Scholarship is an opportunity to hear from young Oregonians on some of the most pressing issues of our time. We sponsor this annual writing scholarship in order to encourage Oregon’s youth to consider their leadership role in promoting a more healthy, just, and peaceful world.

The 2019 question for Oregon 11th and 12th grade students is:

“How can you work against systemic racism to help make our world more healthy and peaceful?”

Entries must be received by Monday, March 4th, 2019. Entries may be essays, poems, or narrative works, and must not exceed 600 words.