Career or Technical Education Scholarship

Horatio Alger National Career & Technical Scholarship Program (1020 awards up to $2,500 each)

Receive up to $2,500 to pursue a career or technical certificate/degree

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Have completed high school (or earned a GED)
  • Will be enrolled in eligible program in Fall 2017
  • Exhibit a strong commitment to pursue and complete a career or technical program at an accredited non-profit post-secondary institution in the United States
  • Demonstrated critical financial need (must be eligible to receive the Federal Pell grant as determined by completion of the FAFSA)
  • Demonstrated perseverance in overcoming adversity
  • Be under the age of 30
  • Be a United States citizen

Funds may be used for tuition, fees, books and supplies.  All scholarship funds are paid directly to the institution on behalf of the recipient.


The application is now available for students who will be enrolled in a post-secondary program in Fall 2017. First application deadline is June 15.

Horatio Alger Scholarship 2017

Scholarship Deadlines

Here’s the quick list, but I will update it frequently! Ms. J

APRIL 2017

4/7: Santiam Auxiliary Scholarship: DUE @ 5pm mailed or hand delivered

4/12: American Legion Scholarship: DUE to Ms. JENSEN!!!

4/25: Oregon Jaycee Foundation: ONLINE

May 2017

5/3: Key Bank Cline Scholarship: DUE to Ms. Jensen!!!

June 2017

6/15: Horatio Alger Career or Technical Scholarship Program: ONLINE

Urgent Updates to Oregon Promise!

The Oregon Promise Early Notification Deadline has been extended to Monday, April 3 at 5:00pm PDT (it was previously set for April 1). This deadline is for new applicants who will begin community college in fall 2017, and will graduate or obtain their GED between March 1 – August 1, 2017.


What does the Early Notification Deadline mean?

Students who complete an Oregon Promise application by April 3 will be notified via email by May 1 about whether or not their Oregon Promise application is complete. This gives students extra time to make any corrections on their application before the final deadline of July 3. Students will receive notification of their Oregon Promise award amount in July 2017, since this is dependent on legislative approval.


Note: April 3 is NOT a priority awarding deadline, meaning that students will not increase their chances of being awarded Oregon Promise if they meet this deadline. Oregon Promise is not awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. If students do not meet the April 3 deadline, please encourage them to apply by the final deadline on July 3.


When is the Final Deadline to complete the Oregon Promise Application?

Monday, July 3 2017 at 5:00pm PDT. This deadline is for students who will begin attending community college in fall 2017. Students will receive notification of their Oregon Promise award amount in July 2017, since this is dependent on legislative approval.


What is the deadline to file the FAFSA or ORSAA?

Oregon Promise applicants must file a 2017-18 FAFSA or ORSAA by July 14, 2017.


How do current Oregon Promise recipients renew their award?

Current Oregon Promise recipients must file a valid 2017-2018 FAFSA or ORSAA by July 14, 2017. Students must list their Oregon community college to renew the award. No additional application is required. However, please remember that continued eligibility for the program is dependent on additional criteria.

You can learn more at Or contact us at or (541) 687-7400.

OSAC Appeal Process Due to high volume of applicants! Please Read and check your application on OSAC!

March 3, 2017

UPDATE: OSAC Appeal Process Open for Scholarship Applicants who Experienced Technical Difficulties
High number of applicants leads to website access problems on March 1, deadline day

Salem, Oregon  | The Higher Education Coordinating Commission, Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC) has issued guidance for students who faced difficulty when attempting to reach our scholarship application on March 1, 2017, our final deadline for OSAC-administered private scholarships. Our website was extremely busy on this deadline day, and because of the number of users, some experienced technical difficulty accessing the site.

Please note that for students who fully completed their application but failed to click “submit,” their application will be submitted automatically. 

An appeal process and form is available for those students who started applications but were not able to complete their application due to the site being busy. The appeal form is available on the profile page of the OSAC scholarship application. Appeals will be accepted through March 31, 2017.

If students were unable to start an OSAC application due to other extenuating circumstances (i.e. illness, death in the family, etc), please contact our scholarships program ( to request an appeal form. We encourage students to complete the appeal process as soon as possible and finish their application before we begin providing eligible student lists to our selection committees.

OSAC has made outreach and marketing of our programs a priority over the past 12 months and we have seen exponential increases in the number of students who are not only aware of our scholarships program but who are utilizing our application. We are consistently working on upgrading our technical resources to accommodate more users.

Please note that the March 1 date was the deadline for private scholarship programs administered by OSAC. It was not the final deadline for the Oregon Promise or the Oregon Opportunity Grant.For more details on these programs, see our website at The final deadline for Oregon Promise applicants who plan on starting community college in Fall 2017 is July 1, 2017.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and please do not hesitate to contact OSAC directly if you need additional assistance. Students or counselors with questions may contact the Office of Student Access and Completion at (541) 687-7400.