PSU 4 years Free information

Because there are many of you looking into the Portland State University 4 years FREE…..please check the link below. READ the fine print as it does not cover certain things and you HAVE to be PELL GRANT eligible all 4 years.

It’s worth it, if you can make it happen!


Valuable Articles to read!

Below are links to some very valuable articles. They cover some social media and college admissions; myths about ACT and SAT; transferring from 2 yr to a 4 yr school.


Social media and college admissions:

Social Media

Myths about ACT and SAT:

Myths about SAT ACT

Transfer Paths:


More transfer information:

More transfer information

Online Colleges in Oregon

Virtually all of Oregon’s public 4-year universities today offer online courses and degree programs in a wide range of major subjects. Among the largest are Portland State University in Portland, Oregon State University in Corvallis, and the University of Oregon in Eugene. Additionally there are over 15 2-year public community colleges throughout the state offering distance-learning options to their students. Online degrees and certificates are available from a surprising number of private, not-for-profit online colleges as well, including Concordia University-Portland, Pacific University in Forest Grove and George Fox University in Newberg.

Check out the link below for online opportunities!