Stayton Rotary Due May 1, 2020

Please see the attachment below for more information about the Stayton Rotary Scholarship.

Stayton Rotary

DeLapp and Santiam Canyon Alumni Scholarship app now available! Due: 4/15/20

David DeLapp was born on October 15, 1928. Dave “Chip” DeLapp was the youngest in his family and was taught from a young age the value of hard work and helping others. Mr. DeLapp has overcome adversity and challenge in life with a positive and forward-thinking attitude. Dave DeLapp took his life experiences and hard work to build a successful real estate business, which he now wants to use to give back to the next generation.

The Santiam Alumni is sponsored by former Santiam students who care about graduating seniors future plans and want to help as they can.

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The Tom Hirons Memorial Scholarship is DUE March 16, 2020

The Tom Hirons Memorial Scholarship 2020
The Tom Hirons Memorial scholarship was established by Dennis Frank and the Frank Foundation to honor Tom Hirons.
The scholarship is renewable up to 4 years, $2000.00 each year contingent upon the funding through the Frank Foundation.
The recipient of this scholarship must attend fall term (September) after graduation from high school. A recipient who takes a gap year or discontinues their continuous education will not be considered for renewal.
This scholarship values, trade school, vocational school, community college and four year colleges. Institutions must be accredited.
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Reminder to check OSAC for scholarships!

Here is some information about an opportunity for you! DUE 3/2/20 on OSAC

Oregon Community Foundation, including Cotting Memorial Scholarship, a scholarship  managed in partnership with OSAC.

This scholarship is for high school graduates and GED recipients from Marion and Linn counties who are pursuing post-secondary education, and it has both “a preference for graduates of Santiam High School” and “preference for graduating high school seniors”.

There is a preference for Santiam graduating seniors, with the hopes that you can mention the scholarship to your students before the March 2nd 5:00pm OSAC application deadline. The selection committee would love to see some applicants from your school.

Here is the OSAC application link: